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"On Time" is the final project of my UX studies.
the idea behind the app is to help people to be on time for their bus or any other means of public transportation based on the distance between the user and the mean of transportation to the meeting point, eg a bus station, etc.


​The concept for the app came to me when I saw a young student banging on the side door of an already-departed bus.
and that got me thinking,
"What if he knew his distance to the bus station and the bus's distance to the same station so he could know ahead if he'll make it or not. and based on that maybe plan a new route"

Russian Roulette

After a small research, I conducted on the behavior and satisfaction with the public transportation system, grim results were brought up.

Most of the participants were disappointed

A common statement that repeated during the interviews was:  


" to count on the accuracy of the public transpositions is more like a Russian roulette, You can never know when or if the bus will be on time"


Out of the research, I've found two main pain points:

1. Unable to rely on the public transportation time schedule

2. Very difficult to find a new route or mean of transportation to get to the desired destination.

So I've sorted the different functionalities of the app under 3 priority categories:

- Most Important
- Important
- Nice to have 

Sorted the data into an Information Architecture

User journey 

אבנר גרינברג

For those who suffer the most

מיכל לוי

אמיר קרביץ

Some sketching here and there

And immediately worked on the wireframes

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