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Commit RD

Commit RD


My first job in the Tech world was as a helpdesk technician for a "lawyer office management software" it was great software with many capabilities. but as time went on, besides a few updates to specific features, the software didn't change much, making it increasingly obsolete.
So as part of my UX studies, I thought to Reinvent and bring it to this day and age.
One of the biggest problems is that it has many users that are not so "Techy" and changes might demotivate them from using it, so  
the goal of this project that I took upon myself, is to simplify, make it reachable and give a newer, cleaner look.

The Pain Points

Too many buttons and screens.

Too many menus.

Orientation difficulties.

The Solution 

Declutter the screen.

Redesign the workspace yet keep it familiar for older users.

Step 1: Reverse engineer the Information architecture

I've used the screenshots from the company site, which were very detailed. it helped me understand better the structure and the hierarchy of menus and CTAs buttons.

קומיט איררכית מידע ‏(1)_edited.png

Step 2: The Design

Because I've instructed many customers on this software, I Knew that I need to make them right at home, but after renovation.
so I kept the semantics the same for all features.

And add what was demanded by many users over many years.

A dashboard

My first approach was to make web-based software.

The Dashboard gives the user an overview of all its current active cases

and all of its due and past payments. 

the Callender provides a fast recap of future appointments 

Navigation Bar

All-purpose search field

Instead of clicking on the אלפון or on the תיקים button.
once double-clicked the detailed screen feature all relevant buttons, which the user can navigate and will be displayed on the info display at the bottom of the screen. 

The Documents

The Appointments Table



On the accountancy screen, it has three tabs

Financial Status



At any given time the user can press the big "+" add button and add either a new customer or open a new case.

_2צור חדש.png

Thank You For Reading

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